1. I Miss You

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My Dad lost his life to colon cancer. He tried so hard to beat it. He even stopped eating meat which he loved. I was so proud of his strength, his will to live, and his love of family. In the end, he had to leave us, but I know we will see him again. My son found an inspection number in his brand new pants the day of the funeral. The number was '62', the age my dad would have been in 4 more days. He was really looking forward to his retirement. He had an extra special relationship with my son, Andy. To me finding that number was a 'wink' from him to us. That same day after the funeral, we went for a bite to eat at a Chinese restaurant. After we were done eating, I opened my fortune and it simply said, "Miss You". Nothing more, nothing less. I just finished this new song, "I Miss You" and didn't even make the mental connection to my fortune until I was done. This song is dedicated to my Dad for the tremendous sadness I felt with his passing, but the knowledge that I must go on and see the goodness in this life.