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Just heard you on my Pandora. Had never heard you before and instantly started to look you up before the song was even done. Had a definite connection to my soul. Love it!
These are a few of my favorite things (people) ... YOU
Hi: Roxanne; I was checking out your music, you do have a nice soothing sound to your voice. I am just learning to play guitar, not very good I probably just need a good teacher.. You may remember me, I am Debbie Hudson's older Brother. Where do you play at, I may check out your show sometime. Take Care: Thomas
Luv your tunes honey....keep on:):) HAPPY 2013:)
Very versital artist. I thoroughly enjoyed listing to your own cuts, as well as, the cover songs. You do indeed have a very soothing and hypnotic voice. Nice to see a really talented local female artist.
Roxy music - I know you're the bomb and have the gift of music inside you. It's just a matter of time before the world knows it too. Keep writiing, singing and believing Rox, because something, somewhere will come through. I wish I had your talent!
hey roxanne it's annette we went to south together had music together.... anyway i was checking your page out and saw ( of course from 2006 dec.20th ) but said your sister put out a audio book for kids out and you was a character and made song just for it? well you said go to her site but you never said what it was and the radio show must be a lost link now cuz i was hoping to watch that and it might say what her page is but it comes back as can't find web page your looking for...... i have 12 grandchildren all 6 and under and there all afraid of the dark....... thats saying she still has any ... thought it would be cool to give to grandbabies and that the singer of it grama knows and was in music together they'd get a kick out of it! anyway let me know ok thanks!
Roxanne, Very lovely voice... Great job on the guitar..Your originals are very well composed,arranged, catchy phrasing, Nice little hooks on the melody,and very enjoyable to listen to over and over.. Excellent job on engineering/mixing... A real pleasure to listen to you.... Be great to have a singer like you in a band.... Rick
Wow you are awesom :)
Im a riend of Emilys. I just have to say you write awesome songs and Emily is really cool :)
It was great to meet you this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the CD. I truly hope our paths cross again. Brian
Saw you at Mc Foster last night. Let me know if you have another public event Glenn
Like the new look of your website !! See I'm signing your guest book !!:-)
came across your site. just wanted to say hi - then listened to I'll Be There. Wow and lovely voice dear. best of luck to you in your career love ya
Hello to all ! Great site. I am new here greetings to all from Poland.
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
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Maybe you can help with with a project that I'm working on. I need a nice song for a weight lose theme I'm working on were I ask all my friend to recommend diets and secret to help me lose 50 lbs. I'll talk you more about it later.
138, did a websearch and was pleasantly surprised. Everything's Different Now, Til Tuesday's third, I never tire of. You might ask Chip Davis about a band called Sommerset, circa 1980. Their song, "Someday" might be right up your alley.
Love you.
Hello there,very nice place
Hi, Mom. How are you? I am at school!
Looking for some song lyrics? Please email me. Have a blessed day.
Your song "I'll Be There" really touched me. Thank you for your wonderful gift. Mary
Looking for some song lyrics ? Please email me. Have a blessed day.
Like your website.
Great voice, Roxanne. Superb pitch and tone.
Lovely, simply lovely! I've always said, "Roxanne sings like an angel!"
I heard you singing at McFoster's, and wow, I was blown away by your voice and passion. Keep up the good work!
FANTASTIC! Lovely voice
Beautiful quality to your voice. Loved the songs, will go buy a cd now.
I really enjoyed listening to your music. Beautiful voice!